NEW* Bad Teacher learns to behave


The muscle jock Carl comes to ask for a favourable grade from his teacher but all he gets is a mean NO. Now it’s time for Carl to turn the tide and show the teacher the pendant. Such a great way to get an A +!

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Price 22.90
Duration 18min
File Size 422MB
Format .mp4
Resolution 1920*1080
Starring SMG/Carl
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by Good Time on Flex4Me

I've seen a couple of hypnosis videos in my time but the variety in the scenarios they put the teacher in is pretty exciting.

Usually hypnosis-themed porn just jumps straight into sex and the mind control becomes secondary to the action, but this one really leans into the whole mindfuck angle. For example, the student makes the teacher perform a perverted version of the little teapot song, or the teacher suddenly thinks he teaches sexual education, and must ensure the student gets the best lesson.

Really love the amount of effort you guys put in the script, and the acting is absolutely fantastic from both actors (but SMG definitely leads the charge - every expression and action is thoroughly believable).

PS. they don't engage in any sex but the teacher gets thoroughly humiliated, and obviously the student gets some actual benefit out of the manipulation (ie a higher grade).

Thanks for making this and I hope you make some similar videos in the future 🙂


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