Carl Crushing young Xander


Carl comes home after a good workout only to find that Xander drank all his beer and now he’s drunk and acting stupid, flipping him the bird when confronted about the beer. This got Carl pretty mad and before you know it, he’s flexing his big biceps into Xander’s face and neck, making him feel sorry for the stupid thing he did. He gets on top of Xander and doesn’t stop from squeezing until he has Xander out cold. Then he drags him onto the floor and puts him into a vicious scissors and begins the fun times: head scissors, body and head scissors, sleepers then reverse scissors and finally, a glorious sleeper hold with the hope that Xander learned his lesson well. What an amazing piece of action!


Price E23.50
Duration 21.12min
File Size 990MB
Format .mp4
Resolution 1920*1080
Starring Carl/Xander
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by Billy on Flex4Me

I love this vid a fucking lot! This was my first exposure to Carl, and I enjoy his dominating attitude to a shitty (and lucky) young man as Xander. I especially like how he fucking squeezes the shit out of the boy! The way he puts his arms to work at the beginning and the sheer mass of his legs are damn astonishing! I would love to see more of this guy and his attitude!

by Mathatake on Flex4Me



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